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  • Includes (2) Green, knobby, 9/16" diameter stemmed Chewy Tube.

  • Green knobby tube offers increased sensory input from the raised knobs along the bitable stem. It provides a slightly firmer bitable surface.

  • Chewy Tubes offer a fun, safe, and effective tool to develop biting and chewing skills, strengthen jaw muscles, and provide oral sensory input.

  • Made in the USA, along the Coast of Maine, Chewy Tubes are Latex-Free, Silicone-Free, Lead-Free, BPA-Free, PVC-Free and Phthalates-Free.

  • Awarded Certificate of Child Safety || Pediatric Therapists and Pediatric Dentists recommend Chewy Tubes for healthy mouth development

  • Knobby Texture Chewy Tube Green 2 Pack